What We Are

The Bastiat Caucus is an unofficial, voluntary association of legislators within the North Dakota State House and Senate. Formed during the 2013 Legislative Session, the Caucus provides a forum to discuss the enduring principles of limited, constitutional government, especially as they relate to current legislation and budgets as they are proposed within the North Dakota Legislature.

Our gatherings and discussions are centered around principles - not personalities. The foundation of these principles is the belief that the correct use of the law is to protect the God-given rights which already belong to every individual: Life, Liberty and Property. We believe that it is upon this ground that a truly just government rests, to the benefit of all its citizens.

Early in the 2017 legislative session the Caucus members decided to put forward a more public presence in order to provide more information about the group to the general public and to help mobilize grassroots activists behind its legislative agenda. This website, along with our social media outreach, is intended to provide information to the public about our organization, its legislative agenda, and encourage the public to rally their representatives behind like-minded principles.

In addition to other officers, the caucus elects a Chairman at the outset of each legislative session who also serves as the primary press contact. The current Caucus Chairman, Representative Christopher Olson (R-13), West Fargo, may be reached at cdolson@gmail.com or 701-204-0424.

The Bastiat Caucus meets regularly during the regular Legislative sessions.