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Proposed House Bill would sever ties with Common Core

State lawmakers have introduced a bill that would cut any remaining ties with Common Core and eliminate "outside control" over course content standards and assessments for North Dakota students.

House Bill 1432, presented on Jan. 30 to the House Education Committee, is one of a number of bills introduced this session to opt out of Common Core and ties to federal education funding.

Debate over guns in schools draws out emotion

No one denied the importance of protecting children from harm in schools in a changing world during a Friday committee hearing. The passionate debate over whether to allow concealed carry of firearms for trained and permitted school staff members was a matter of how that additional protection would best be provided.

Rep. Dwight Kiefert, R-Valley City, said House Bill 1310 would protect children and staff by providing an increased layer of security for schools in the state’s rural areas.

North Dakota legislative committee hears variety of gun bills

With Second Amendment rights and public safety concerns at the forefront, North Dakota lawmakers heard testimony on a group of gun bills Thursday.

Perhaps the most contentious piece of legislation heard Thursday was the so-called “constitutional carry” bill, introduced by Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck. That bill would make it legal for people who are at least 21 years old to carry a concealed firearm without a permit in North Dakota, as long as the carrier is not otherwise prohibited to do so by law.

Lawmakers to weigh concealed carry for school staff

Whether educators or staff should be allowed to carry concealed firearms at schools has returned for debate this session, and the bill’s prime sponsor says the majority party may now have the numbers to pass such policy.

Rep. Dwight Kiefert, R-Valley City, said House Bill 1310 would provide an increased layer of security for schools — with no funds for school resource officers — that are looking at lengthy response times in the event of a major incident, such as a shooting.

Last session, similar legislation passed the House 53-38 but failed by 17-28 in the Senate.

Big Changes Could Be Coming to Refugee Resettlement in North Dakota

Chris Berg: Brand-new bill introduced in North Dakota regarding refugee resettlement that would increase transparency and also empower local communities to really hold Lutheran Social Services more accountable for your tax dollars. Good evening and welcome to "Point of View." I'm Chris Berg. Thank you so much for joining us here tonight. Whenever people come up to me and talk to me, a lot of people do about refugee resettlement here in our community, what they ultimately say is just give me the data. Just tell me the truth. If refugee resettlement is great for our community, all right.

ND bill would take aim at 'safe spaces' in higher ed

By Andrew Haffner on Jan 23, 2017 at 5:52 p.m.

BISMARCK — A bill set for debate by House legislators Tuesday, Jan. 24, could reject the concept of "safe spaces" in North Dakota higher education by bolstering protections for speech and expression.

Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck, sponsor of House Bill 1329, said the proposed chapter is responding primarily to conversations about free speech in higher education occurring beyond the North Dakota University System.


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