Bastiat Caucus Legislation


Below is the current Bastiat Caucus Legislative Agenda. We believe these pieces of legislation advance, to varying degrees, the general principles of the Caucus. We encourage grassroots supporters to engage with their legislators and respectfully ask for their support of this Agenda, either in full, or in part. Click on each bill number to be taken to a page with more information on each bill, as well as the latest actions, lobbying targets, bill text and additional information / frequently asked questions.


1. Visit the Legislative Bill Tracking System on the official North Dakota Legislative website HERE. There, you must create a user ID and setup an account to track bills.

2. Then, you can track our official Bastiat Caucus list of legislation. You do not have to try and find all of our bills, we have created the list for you and are offering it as a 'shared list'. To track our list, use the following information: List Name: Bastiat Caucus / List Code: XEHhuYbO6M. NOTE: you can also search for and track any additional bills you wish that are not on the Bastiat Caucus list.

3. If you have a smartphone or tablet, we recommend that you also download the official North Dakota Legislative app titled 'ND Legislative Daily'. Simply search for the app in your app store and download it free of charge. You can then sync your app with your tracking lists and receive updates on your smartphone or tablet.

4. Please continue to check our Facebook & Twitter page for updates. We will do our best to keep you informed there. We will also keep this page updated, however, the Twitter & Facebook pages will be much more current.

NOTE: Bills that failed their respective chambers have been removed from the list. This list is ONLY tracking bills that currently have a chance of reaching the Governor's desk and being signed into law.

Title Bill Name Current Bill Status Chief Sponsor
HB 1169 Constitutional Carry PASSED House 83-9, PASSED Senate 34-13, Signed by Governor 03/23 Rep. Rick Becker
HB 1433 North Dakota Food Freedom Act PASSED House 69-21, PASSED Senate 36-10, awaiting House concurrence with Senate amendments Rep. Luke Simons
HB 1170 Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform PASSED House 50-42, FAILED Senate 0-46 Rep. Rick Becker
HB 1382 Education Savings Acounts Study Bill PASSED House 72-17, FAILED Senate 14-32 Rep. Rick Becker
HB 1427 Refugee Reform Study Bill PASSED House 86-5, PASSED Senate 27-19, awaiting decision by Governor Rep. Chris Olson
HB 1397 Separation of Powers Act PASSED House 48-44, FAILED Senate 4-43 Rep. Nathan Toman
HB 1273 Concealed Carry in Church PASSED House 73-19, PASSED Senate 40-7, Signed by Governor 03/29 Rep. Ben Koppelman
HB 1279 Expanding Personal Protection PASSED House 89-0, PASSED Senate 47-0, awaiting decision by Governor Rep. Ben Koppelman
HB 1428 Homeschooler's Rights PASSED House 58-31, PASSED Senate 30-17, Signed by Governor 04/03 Rep. Chris Olson
HB 1310 Protecting Our Schools PASSED House 73-19, FAILED Senate 18-27 Rep. Dwight Kiefert
HB 1162 Government Competition PASSED House 83-8, FAILED Senate 5-41 Rep. Nathan Toman
HB 1165 Commerce Department Transparency PASSED House 79-10, FAILED Senate 1-46 Rep. Nathan Toman
HB 1182 Renaissance Zone Reform PASSED House 48-41, referred to SENATE FINANCE & TAXATION COMMITTEE, hearing 3/1, awaiting Committee recommendation Rep. Rick Becker
HB 1190 Concealed Carry in Public Gatherings PASSED House 81-5, FAILED Senate 5-42 Rep. Rick Becker
HB 1221 Andrew's Law: Confidential Informant Reform PASSED House 92-0, PASSED Senate 46-0, awaiting Conference Committee Rep. Rick Becker
HB 1329 End Safe Spaces PASSED House 65-25, FAILED Senate 7-37 Rep. Rick Becker
HB 1341 Reducing Marijuana Penalties PASSED House 85-6, PASSED Senate 43-4, awaiting House concurrence with Senate amendments Rep. Rick Becker
HB 1244 Eminent Domain Restrictions PASSED House 87-2, FAILED Senate 4-42 Rep. Robin Weisz
SB 2166 Rennaisance Zone Reform PASSED Senate 38-8, PASSED House 75-17, Senate refused to concur, awaiting Conference Committee Sen. Dwight Cook
SB 2149 Criminal Justice Reform PASSED Senate 46-0, PASSED House 86-5, Senate refused to concur, awaiting Conference Committee Sen. Kelly Armstrong
SB 2139 Lessoning Concealed Carry Restrictions PASSED Senate 44-2, PASSED House 86-5, Senate refused to concur, awaiting Conference Committee Sen. Oley Larsen